GP Survey Results – Update From The Team at Feldon Practice

Dear Patients,

Our ambition is to ensure that we not only provide high quality care and meet the clinical needs of those registered with our practice but that we also give you the best possible experience of accessing healthcare.

We take your feedback and views very seriously and upon reviewing the latest GP survey results it is fair to say that we can see some areas that we need to improve upon.

The survey was conducted between Jan – March 2021 at a time when our surgery was being used as the main vaccination site for all those registered with local practices in Halesowen. We are incredibly proud of the role we played in getting the vast majority of local people vaccinated and believe we have played a key part in getting our local community better protected from the deadly COVID-19 virus. We know from your feedback on vaccinations that you recognise this and those working at the vaccination service has been encouraged by the support received from so many of you throughout the last few months. Thank you!

That said, we can see that this has had a detrimental impact on the way that you, our patients, experience access to general practice. We apologise for that and wanted to let you know what we are doing about the key points you have fed back to us on.

The good news:

  • 90% of you felt the healthcare professional recognised or understood any mental health needs during your last general practice appointment
  • 98% of respondents were involved as much as you wanted to be in decisions about care and treatment during their last general practice appointment
  • 91% of you said the healthcare professional you saw or spoke to was good at giving you enough time during the last general practice appointment

We are really pleased that the feedback reflects the personalised approach that we take to delivering care, our telephone/video consultations (alongside the face-to-face work we have always done) has meant that we have been able to see many more people and still spend time talking to you about what matters to you, not just what is the matter with you. This is really important to us and we will continue with this approach.

The areas we recognise we need to improve:

  • Only 57% of you find it easy to get through to us by phone
  • Overall experience rating of 77%

We hope that you understand that the pandemic meant we had to almost overnight change from the popular “Open Surgery” or “ Walk-in-Surgery” that we offered to a Telephone Triage model, as all GP Practices have across the country. This was a step to protect you, our staff and the vital services that they provide. The requirement to maintain social distancing in our waiting rooms, and clean between patients meant that all Practices have adopted this model.

Whilst our changes have meant that the surgery has remained open throughout the pandemic, with no outbreaks of COVID-19 in our surgeries, we do know it hasn’t been without an impact. For you, our patients, more than most, this has been a drastic change from our previous appointment system. We think the actions listed below will help to improve the points raised by those who completed the survey.

To help to address the concerns raised we are doing the following – and many of these changes have already been implemented:

  • A change in phone lines and phone supplier allowing waiting on the line with a queuing system, and a phone message system to direct you to the most appropriate person
  • Intercoms on both of our practice sites for access to the building
  • Video consultation through AccuRx (alongside telephone and face-to-face consultations)
  • Our website now offers Online access ( meaning you can access us to contact the reception for appointments, for admin queries (e.g. referrals/sick notes/repeat prescriptions etc.), and for health advice from a doctor or nurse.
  • Our site has completed this round of vaccinations – so we are now back to full activity with all of our practice team at both sites, and phone lines are purely available for you – our patients and not the vaccination service.
  • We continue to use all members of our clinical team to ensure you are supported by the most appropriate person when you need us. This includes but is not limited to: GPs, Practice Nursing Team, Health Care Assistant, Midwife, Clinical Pharmacist, First Contact Physiotherapist

We have all had to adjust to the challenges COVID-19 and unfortunately, with community rates so high many of these changes will be with us for some time. We ask that you continue to call the practice where possible and that you wear a mask, use the hand gel provided and adhere to social distancing if and when you attend the surgery. Please help us to help you and others get the care they need by protecting our services and keeping each other safe in our care.

We hope this helps you all access our services when you need to. As always we have been, and will continue to be here for you, and hope to continue to improve our services for you.

Thank you, and take care.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.